Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day & Quilt Group

Remember the blocks our quilt group are making for American Hero Quilts?
Barbara is the first to put hers together.

And there are a couple like this that will also be donated. We will remember the lives forever changed.

Remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day

5,462 US Servicemembers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Have a Wonderful Day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foil Friends

Foil is a fast, fun, way to sculpt.

This vase of foil flowers was a gift from one of my Art Club kids.

A pair of brothers made action figures...

... with the super hero on the right wearing a cape.

And one artist made her whole family..

These are fun to display on a bulletin board. One year, each artist "donated" one of their people for me to staple to the board in action poses. I also sculpted letters in foil for the "Art Club" sign with the display. (It's fun to add dimension to displays- an unexpected change from the usual flat fair!)

It's not possible to remove them from the board without mooshing them, so they weren't returned to the students. I saved the cruppled sculptures to use for armature bits as we built our paper mache artworks.
(More on them soon!)

Make it a Wonderful Day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wrap it Up

I'm trying to use the tags I made a while back with my friend Karen...this one's made from a picture off a calendar's packing envelope.

But sometimes I just have to play with the wrapping paper...

Wouldn't this tag make a great quilt?

Make it a Wonderful Day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Guessing Game

This is for you, Jan...

Jan is an art teacher and a paper snipper. She has some wonderful scherenschnitte artwork!  I thought she'd appreciate this bulletin board seen at one of my schools. Make sure you check out her work over at her blog:

Can you guess who these characters are?

No, this is not me.

This was part of a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration. I don't know the details of the contest since I'm only at the school after hours, but it appears they were numbered, and students could guess the names of the characters and submit them. Once the contest was over, the names of the characters and  book titles were revealed.

Okay, this one's me.

Just kidding. My neck isn't that long.

Make it a Wonderful Day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Howdy Pardner!

I always check the fabric section when I'm at Value Village. Sometimes there are some pretty "unusual" selections. But I was excited to find this cowboy fabric recently. Four yards of it. Fifty cents a yard! 

Usually, it would take weeks (years?) for me to get around to using a fabric. But I was helping my sister with her first quilt, and while she was sewing on my machine, I got this one underway. That way, I was busy but available as she made her circle quilt. More about that (with photos I hope) soon.

The homspuns and other fabrics are all from my stash. The tan dot fabric was already cut in 6 1/2 inch squares, so that determined the size of the rest of the blocks.( I think they were extra background squares from our Quilt Group Christmas circle block swap.)
I made this to give away. But I'm not sure where it will find a home yet. It seems like there is always a need for boy quilts, so I'm sure I'll find a good donation project, once I've got it quilted.

Make it a Wonderful Day!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Outside In...

Do you title your quilts? I do. This one is Outside In.

On a quilt group outing a while back, I bought this print fabric. On sale.
Even I thought it was a bit...ugly. But it a good way. Especially if you didn't use too much of it.

 So this quilt started with the idea of the binding first.
The solids are Shot Cottons. The white is Kona.

But as you can see, it's not quilted yet. So you can't see the binding. But it'll look just like the little border strip. I think I'll quilt it with wavy lines to repeat the wavy lines in the print. Maybe.

Life is really busy right now! We're packing to move back to our house in a month. We've been housesitting for three years, and our home was rented. Now we've got a ton of projects going, trying to get it all done before we move back in. It's been an interesting three years- away from home and our belongings, but only 10 minutes from our house. On one hand, it seems like we just moved here, and on the other, we're pretty comfortable, and moving is a BIG hassle.

 But change keeps life interesting, right?

Make it a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Comments for a Cure!

You can donate a dollar, but it won't cost you a cent!

Go over to  and leave a comment. For every comment, KFC will donate a dollar to fight Breast Cancer.

We've all been touched by this, and it's time for a cure!! I lost a very dear friend to breast cancer a few years ago. Susan was a mother of four, and only 44. I walked in two 3-Day events in her honor, and I met so many amazing people who want to help.  And my twin sister just made her very first quilt for a friend who is beginning her breast cancer fight.

Who can you honor in this simple way?
Go leave a comment, and be part of the cure!! 

Make it a Wonderful Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And a Few More

Marsha's working on this one, but her machine wasn't cooperating- lots of looping from the bobbin thread. She was getting tired of ripping out the quilting, and hopes to figure out the problem soon so she can finish it.

I really love the back that makes use of all sorts of leftovers from the front!

Marsha's pretty patient with her quilts- this one had a border she didn't like, so she changed it.

...And she also came up with a backing fabric that she liked better too.

Ardith made this HUGE quilt, building from her center medalion block.

Another patriotic quilt from our group was made by Barbara to donate to American Hero Quilts.

And here are a few more of our blocks. This month we gave our blocks to Ardith to complete, and I shared the blocks donated by Emily and Caron with everyone, who all say THANK YOU!!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More from Quilt Group

Barbara made this fall quilt a while back for her mother, who recently passed away. It's now a special keepsake for Barbara. 

This Dissappearing Nine Patch by Nan also had a fall feel to it. So cozy!

Nan has this one ready in plenty of time for Christmas! These are the cottage blocks she collected in a swayp over at Freda's Hive.

Make it a Wonderful Day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

April, Part 2

More from this month's meeting-

This photo quilt was made by Terry for her husband. She used some great batiks to frame family photos...

And she included a couple of drawings done by her daughters of their "Pop"

The detailed quilting including some of his favorites saying and other pretty work by Terry.

Helen brought her sensational circles again, now all hand quilted. She said she loved the process, and plans to do more handquilting. The results are worth it, I think!

(And I loved her backing fabric too- anybody know what it is?)

Make it a Wonderful Day!