Thursday, August 20, 2009

Building a Bundle of Love

I built my Iraq Bundle of Love today!

I picked up some of the APO Flat Rate boxes from the Post Office- one for me and some more for my quilt group. I had to ask for the right ones- the boxes on display were not APO boxes. That's important- APO boxes ship at a reduced rate- $11.95, whatever fits in the box.
So that was step one. Next, I taped one end of the box...

And in the process, I dropped my camera, and a piece of the lens casing broke off!! The lens isn't securely attached to the body now... So a trip to the camera store is now on the list for tomorrow...

After I recovered from the camera mishap, I found some ribbon to tie the bundle. I'm recycling some wedding ribbon I've had since one of our sons got married EIGHT years ago. (Yes, I save nearly everything, but stuff eventually gets used up!) I made a "plus sign" in the box with the ribbon, then took one of the large fabric pieces and opened it over the ribbon.

I filled the box to the brim with fabric- fat quarters to two-yard pieces. I put in a few 10-inch pinwheel blocks for fun, and ended with one last big piece...

The whole thing was then ready to bundle, all securely tucked and tied.

Almost done! I sealed the box and filled out the customs declaration form (5 minutes). Tomorrow when I take my camera in, I'll stop at the Post Office to mail my Bundle of Love. I know someone will make good use of this small gift, and maybe there will be just a little more peace in the world!
Have you put yours together yet? Remember, they must be postmarked by Sept.7th.
Go to this link to get the address, and to watch the progress.
Make it...Wonderful!

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