Monday, July 5, 2010

What Do You Stand For?

This is a quilt I  made quite a few years ago, when working with girls age 12-18 in our church. I came across it the other day while unpacking. (Nope. Not done unpacking yet. Not even close.)

Our theme for the year was "What Do You Stand For?"

Each girl designed a quilt with that theme. Most used appliqued images that had meaning to them. No two quilts were alike, and it was great to see them all hung up together at the end of the year.

Mine is all denim with words hand embroidered on squares that I then blanket-stitched to each block.

It was so thick once I was done that I just tied it at the corners of each appliqued piece and on the corners of each larger block. All of the color variation is just different shades of blue denim.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Another wonderful idea and future quilt. It reminded me that I had bought a piece of fabric sometime last year that was a "cheater" log cabin fabric and I had intended to come up with some theme to embroider inside each block but never did anything with it. I'll have to pull it out later now that I feel inspired. Another Wonderful Day!

  2. What a great quilt. Love the texture. Love the theme.

  3. This is such a darling quilt - I'm so glad you brought it to quilt group - I wish I'd seen it about a year ago though - when I was still in YW's, I would have MADE those girls make one for themselves...because I know they all would have loved it!