Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She Put Her Foot Down

I thought I'd share a little piece I made a few years ago.

(She Put her Foot Down, 20"x27")

It's based on a child's drawing. First graders did drawings for their teacher who was getting married. Their sharpie-on- paper artwork was adorable, and it added such a sweet touch when displayed in the hallway at her wedding reception.

I loved the way "Ryan" drew the couple inside an arched structure. But my favorite part was his solution to a drawing dilemma.  He solved the problem of running into the shoed foot he had already drawn by simply drawing around it. I loved that little detail. (And I had fun with the double-meaning of my title too...) 

My appliqued version was intentionally primitive, and I used black thread so the stitches would show a bit. (Okay, let's be honest. The only way I can applique is primitive.) It has a backing fabric, but no batting.

Right now, I have it hanging in our dining room.

I've always loved buttons, and these tiny ones from my collection were perfect to add as details.

The fabrics were from a friend's scrap collection- I had just started quilting, and so  I didn't have my own scraps yet to play with!

I made this for our 25th Wedding Anniversary-wow, that was already NINE years ago!!!
 Life really does fly by.  (Glad I get to share it with someone I love!)

Make It a Wonderful Day! 


  1. I think it looks wonderful. The black stitching was a really good idea and makes the work stand out more. Love the ring and the holding hands. A really nice piece to have hanging up next to that beautiful plate shelf.

  2. Wow, I LOVE it! It's a terrific piece all around - and the story adds to its charm.

  3. Love the title and LOVE the quilt! Sweet!

  4. So beautiful! Love the details you have put in the quilt too!

  5. I just gasped. That is so wonderful! jan

  6. I remember this! You weren't quilting then but just look at you now! This one deserves a label documenting the entire process! Great work!!!!!

  7. My comment disappeared while I enlarged the picture...oh well, I was saying all kinds of wonderful things about the piece you made, the story behind it, how I like your It's a Wonderful Life sign on the dining room wall, the holding hands and the gold band!