Thursday, October 14, 2010

Modern Wool

Here's another wool piece.

Wool After Kandinsky,  9"x12"

I love the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky. This is not a wool version of one of his paintings- just inspired by his strong compositions. I made this a while back, but I've never framed it. Which direction do you like better? (I think I composed it  as the top photo, but it's been long enough ago, I'm not sure. And as for a frame- any ideas? Just a plain black frame? Or a big white mat and then black frame? Or?

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Funny, I thought they were two different pieces! It could be because I saw the top one first that I like it best, but I do. I vote for the top one. jan

  2. Love the wool piece, love the pumpkin piece, and love the pear recipes!!! I just got caught up on your blog - couldn't access anything in Italy so it's good to be back and "in the know!" I'm so inspired now I just might have to pull out my wool and do something! You are amazing - I always find something creative and exciting on your blog! xo, Nan

  3. Beautiful design and colors! I like the top perspective best. Have you thought about a silver (like brushed nickel) frame? I don't think I'd use a mat. Love your blog!!

  4. Top one is more dynamic, challenging. Love it!