Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Socks in the Suburbs

Here is some more of Suzanne Tidwell's work. She and Beth Newfeld have been busy...

This is actually the second installation using these same tree stumps. The first socks were winter-themed in blues and white. I like the bright socks much better.

The 6 20-foot tree stumps are in front of a Starbucks and Taco Bell which are at the entrance to a local high school. I liked it when the only things in front of the school were trees.

But the trees were chopped. I don't know why-they blocked the coffee and fast food signs, I guess.

The art piece has caused quite a stir in our local community. Including a lively discussion at my quilt group. I like the socks. I like the whimsy, the temporary nature of the installation. I loved the trees. But if they had to go, I think the socks are a fun farewell before the stumps head off to a wetland habitat.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. We drive past these sock trees every week and will certainly miss seeing them. I love the creative solution to an ugly stump. I vote they stay where they are - but no body's asking me!

  2. I LOVE the socks! I haven't seen anything like that in NZ. They are so colourful and fun, how could anyone be against them? Boring people!

  3. What a great story! I think the colors are beautiful! I like the socks on the stumps!!