Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Qs, Continued...

So Blogger is giving me fits again! But here are a few pics from our last meeting. The ones above are journal covers made by Helen. Wish my leftovers looked that cute!

The Santa pillow is by Denise..sorry, I only got a close up of her redwork, and not the rest of the pillow. More cuteness!

Barbara brought her adorable fall pillow...

And our hostess wore her Ghastlie apron-love the print!
Oh, and here's a block Barbara worked out for the corners of her presents quilt. We all agreed it was too much work for us! But it will look great as part of her quilt.
This is a cozy quilt by Denise...

And there's more to come if Blogger will let me post them tomorrow!

Make it a Wonderful Day!

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