Monday, February 6, 2012

We Heart Art!

Art Club has been working on two things at once...

We've been painting with acrylics on canvas (8x10), and with our leftover paints, we painted our hearts. 

 They are actually circle paintings on heavy watercolor paper. The only rule was they needed to use the leftover paints-no getting new paint from a tube. They could share/trade with their neighbors.

Before painting, they drew a large heart on the back of the paper. (We used scrap paper to fold, then cut out large hearts to use as templates. So each of their hearts is unique to them in shape as well as paint and pattern.)

 Once their circle paintings were dry, they were to add patterns with white. (This project was a good time to talk about different types of brushes- we used flats for the circles of color, and rounds for the pattern details.) 

Once the circle paintings were dry, the artists cut them out. I sprayed them with a gloss varnish and then mounted them on the black/red backing.

(I used two squares of cardboard as a spacer to give them some dimension.)

The artists worked back and forth between their paintings on canvas and the hearts- a bit crazy, but it made for less wasted time and much less wasted paint!

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Adorable!
    Makes me smile every time I see your students' artworks

  2. These are so vibrant. Love that they are paint economical too! Congratulations!

  3. Stephanie, these hearts are brilliant! Love the colorful designs and the economical use of the paint. Your students have an awesome teacher!

  4. Amazing artwork Stephanie. I am waiting for a chance to send Arya to be your student.