Monday, June 18, 2012

A Finish!

I started this quilt as part of a Quilt Along with the group over at Old Red Barn Co. (I just looked at my previous post... back in November 2009! Yes, it was time to finish this!)  It's made from fabric scraps from a stash sale and quilt show our little quilt group hosted, and these florals were the ones that didn't sell. Rejects. Unloved. Unwanted. Headed to the trash. That's why I loved them- fabrics I would never have purchased new, but ones I now wanted to rescue.

I sashed each wonky log cabin in a different shot cotton solid. The resulting blocks are 16x16 inches, and the quilt measures 81x 64 inches.
I asked Terry to long arm it with a large meander to keep it soft and cuddly.

The back is scrappy too. Big hunks of  vintage leftovers.

The same scrappy bits were used for a scrappy binding... 

 I think there are lots of reasons why I love scrappy quilts. There's something so freeing about using up what most people would throw away. And I love to work without a pattern, just sewing strips together, ironing them to look neat, and then squaring the results with a square ruler. I did have to measure the width of the shot cotton strips, and then match the corners as I sewed the blocks together. I like all that freedom within a framework. And trash to treasure (at least treasure to me!) feels like it honors the "make do" tradition of quilting too. I love that.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. I love scrappy! I like that you are using the unloved fabric, too!

  2. Your quilt is definately a treasure!!

  3. Oh, it's gorgeous! The florals look just beautiful now, very very want-able. Remember to post it to the ORBC Flickr group!

  4. Stephanie, there is lots to love about this quilt!!!! Great use of scrappiness along with the shot cottons (which I love). I also like the freedom of not working with a pattern. So glad you also went with a scrappy backing and binding. Good to know there is no expiration date with WIPs ;-)

  5. This has to be my favorite quilt of yours! I love that you used all those tiny pieces that I would have trashed in a hot New York second! It's absolutely wonderful!! Have fun in NYC and post pics of your newest grandbaby as soon as he arrives! xo, Nan

  6. Stephanie!
    I love this quilt. scrappy quilts are so fun for the very reason you describe here. I don;t know when I actually planned a quilt last. I love the process of just picking what's closest to my table and sew!
    Love.. love... love!