Friday, July 6, 2012

City Onesies

Kate and Jed live in New York City, so Beckham's a City Baby.

Some friends decorated onesies with ironed-on designs. 
Not wanting to assume his political leanings, he has both elephant and donkey logos...

Here are a few more, all on a variety of sizes.  

 When one of the husbands arrived after the get-together, he said he wanted to make one too. He's a scientist, so came up with the bubbling flask.

 Kate was 4 days overdue, so while we were waiting, we stitched every piece to make sure it was secure.
 It was a fun way to pass the time together. Oh, and the other thing we did was eat cake. Four pieces for the two of us at a cake shop called Lady M. Yes, we ate all four pieces. They asked if we were planning a party or something. We said  ", we just couldn't decide which ones to get, they all looked so good!"


signature12 layer crepe cake, mocha ganache cake
Beckham agreed to pose in the laundry basket with the quilt I made for him. Kate says I can't leave the city without making a label for his quilt. Maybe this afternoon...if I can put him down long enough to sew a few stitches.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. I love the onesies - what a great idea! Becks is beautiful - you cannot post enough pics of him! He looks so long - is he? How is Kate doing? Is anyone sleeping? Again, SO happy for you! xo, Nan

  2. At 21 inches, he's not extra long,but we think he has big feet! :D
    Kate WOULD be great, but she has a pretty seriously bruised tailbone. You asked about sleep... the longest stretch has been five hours. Kate's working out the nursing, and Jed's providing all the support with diaper changing and burping...needless to say, SLEEP has become like GOLD!!

  3. Stephanie, those onesies are so cute!!! All of them are very creative! At Leo's baby shower, the girls decorated onesies too - but with fabric markers. He still isn't big enough to wear them yet. Beckham looks so happy with his quilt. Enjoy!