Friday, August 15, 2014

Clay Stamp Cards

Okay, so I know it's August, not December. But maybe this is just the right time to share these with you so you'll be ready for next year! (I, on the other hand, usually wait until the cards should be in the mail to start making them…) 

I used plasticine clay to make the stamps for these. I loved using this technique with my Art Club for a collage piece they made, and decided to try it out for last year's Christmas card.

The neat thing about the clay stamps is that you can just reshape the clay as you go. For this design, I made the branch stamp (inked in dark green)  and a single leaf shape (inked in light green). I just used a pencil eraser for the red berries.

I could stamp a couple of cards before reshaping the clay a bit, but it was super easy to do. Now if I just had a plan for this year's cards….

Make it a wonderful day!


  1. That's such a nice idea. The cards look very pretty. So, thanks for sharing.
    Kind greetings from the EU (A)

  2. Your cards turned out really lovely. Thanks for showing!