Thursday, September 11, 2014

Afghan Awesomeness

 I make quilts. I even keep a few of them. So what am I doing buying an afghan?

 But I couldn't help myself.  All that color. All that pattern.  I talked myself out of buying it, but when it was still at the thrift store (Value Village) a few days later, I had to have it. I paid $5 for it, which is half price. It was a steal even at full price if you ask me.

It was in brand new condition. Like someone made it and then thought, "What was I thinking?"

It was a bit stiff, but once I threw it in the wash and pulled it from the dryer, it was perfectly soft and cuddly.

Someone went to a lot of work making this. And then changed their mind? Maybe they just loved making it and gave it away so they could make someone else happy. And that would be me. :D

Make it a wonderful day!

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