Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY "Chocolate" Bunny and an Easter Quilt

This is a zero-calorie "chocolate" bunny. It looks good enough to eat, but it's a thrifted figurine painted to look delicious.
This is how he started out- gray with a white tail. I saw his chocolate potential though.

I gave him a quick coat of gesso, and then a couple of layers of chocolate brown acrylic craft paint that I had on hand.

He's finished with a coat of matte-finish Mod Podge, which gave him just the right amount of chocolatey sheen.

And here is a quilt I made- with Helen. Helen made the zig-zag quilt with a wide green border.She didn't like it…but I did! I cut off the border leaving just a thin strip of the green and then added my own wide  patchwork of bright squares to repeat Helen's colors in the center piecing. 

 Terry did the long-arm quilting in edge-to-edge straight lines an inch apart.

The softie bunnies are by designer Mimi Kirtchner. (These were available from The Land of Nod, but you can see Mimi's originals on her website. I love her lumberjacks too!)

Here are a couple more pics of the quilt…

 Polka dot binding and backing…

…and a bunny who makes an annual appearance in our kitchen.

I also found some thrifted (Value Village) eggs too- some decoupaged, some painted wood. And crafting with supplies already on hand made for some inexpensive (and no calorie!) additions to our Easter decor.

Make it a wonderful day!


  1. Love the bunny!! Very clever! And the quilt is perfect for an Easter quilt! Love the little bunnies, too!

  2. You are so creative & talented!