Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oil Pastel Vases, Bowls, and Bottles

We're nearing the end of Art Club for the year, and I'm way behind on posting their beautiful work. 

 We did a guided practice drawing together, starting with drawing a cylinder and then shaping it into an imagined vase, bottle, or bowl.  Vibrant oil pastels were blended with a brush and turpenoid to create a painterly result on our final paper.

(This artist really got into the blending…) :D

I alternated black and white for the thin matting, which added a bit of interest to the  display.

This project was a good example of starting with a clear framework that included some skill-building. But there was also room for lots of individual artistic decisions. (How will I shape my vase? Where is the imaginary light source? Warm or cool colors for the vase? Should I add details like stripes in the background?) Our young artists were very happy with the results, and so was I.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. You have the best job! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and this lovely inspirational post.

    1. Thanks Sujata! I learn so much from my students.