Monday, April 26, 2010

Family of Friends

This redwork is a quilt from the Quilter's Annonymous Show...

I love the story of this- it's the work of friends and family...

I don't have a family of quilters-(though my sister is starting a quilt with me this week!!)
But I do have a "family of friends" who share with me! My quilt group is one of my families, and new blogging friends are also a part of my quilting family!

I'm working on a few more "And Still Counting" blocks for Caron. (A block for every American killed in Iraq, and a knot or bead for every Iraqi killed. Like I've said before, isn't war just a bad idea??)

And look what she sent me!! TEN more blocks for our American Hero Quilts project!!! (Quilts for injured veterans, to let them know we remember them.)

Caron and I both would love to have you join us! Our projects are different, but we both are doing what we can.  I'd love to hear about your projects too- what are you doing to share your heart with the world? (Maybe I can help you with yours too!!)

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. How fun to swap quilting bits. That would make the final product especially memorable.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. That meant a lot to me. jan

  2. Your patriotic colors, designs and ideas are inspiring to me. Love them.

  3. Thanks for posting a picture of my mom's and my quilt! She'd be delighted to see your post. She was a bit disappointed that the quilt did not get a ribbon and was thinking her embroidery was maybe not so good but this will keep her excited about doing more. She learned in a school ran by nuns in Spain, and she is now embroidering blocks with the 50 state flowers so we can make a quilt for my daughter - the only one of us born in the US.