Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three Quilts in the Snow

These are some baby quilts I've made over the years for my grand girls.

We had a great time visiting with our family over Easter. It was snowy in Utah, but no matter, it was WONDERFUL to be together. (Other than a trip to the ER with our oldest g-girl, who lost the tip of her pinky finger in a window blind cord accident!! She was so brave, and is doing well. I'll spare you the details... and we know it could have been much worse...But a reminder to everyone, blind cords are DANGEROUS!!!)

Make it a wonderful (and safe!) day!!


  1. Oh my goodness :( How terrible? I hope it wasn't a lot of her pinky finger :( Poor kid.. How on earth can that happen?

  2. Oh the poor little love! I'm sure she'll mend very quickly as they do.

    I just love those baby quilts. What happy babies they must have been under all that love.

  3. So glad you enjoyed time with your family. Glad your granddaughter is doing OK. Love those quilts...especially the hearts.

  4. The baby quilts are so cute. Love the hearts!!

  5. Love those quilts! Isn't it fun to see them again (unless they're being used in the dog's bed!) I really like the crazy heart one, I recognized it because I ended up with three of your orphan blocks from that project - which made a really nice pillow!