Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And a Few More

Marsha's working on this one, but her machine wasn't cooperating- lots of looping from the bobbin thread. She was getting tired of ripping out the quilting, and hopes to figure out the problem soon so she can finish it.

I really love the back that makes use of all sorts of leftovers from the front!

Marsha's pretty patient with her quilts- this one had a border she didn't like, so she changed it.

...And she also came up with a backing fabric that she liked better too.

Ardith made this HUGE quilt, building from her center medalion block.

Another patriotic quilt from our group was made by Barbara to donate to American Hero Quilts.

And here are a few more of our blocks. This month we gave our blocks to Ardith to complete, and I shared the blocks donated by Emily and Caron with everyone, who all say THANK YOU!!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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