Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foil Friends

Foil is a fast, fun, way to sculpt.

This vase of foil flowers was a gift from one of my Art Club kids.

A pair of brothers made action figures...

... with the super hero on the right wearing a cape.

And one artist made her whole family..

These are fun to display on a bulletin board. One year, each artist "donated" one of their people for me to staple to the board in action poses. I also sculpted letters in foil for the "Art Club" sign with the display. (It's fun to add dimension to displays- an unexpected change from the usual flat fair!)

It's not possible to remove them from the board without mooshing them, so they weren't returned to the students. I saved the cruppled sculptures to use for armature bits as we built our paper mache artworks.
(More on them soon!)

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Foil is fun! If you decide not to use them for armatures you could start your own gigantic foil ball, bet the kids would love it!

  2. Hi there. Another art teacher....from Maine.
    About a year and a half ago we did the same project and I blogged about it if you are interested....

    The kids love it, don't they? Aluminum foil is very interesting.

  3. Your brain is fascinating! How DO you think this stuff up?! Lucky, lucky kids to have your for their teacher - I think those foil sculptures are the best things ever! xo, Nan

  4. I love these!!!!!!! My Art Club will definitely be doing them next year.

    Okay, here's the weird part..."Bridezillas" was on tv when I was reading your post. They showed a wedding cake with a funny cake topper. I looked at the tin foil gifty from your student and my doofy brain thought it was a wedding cake topper for a second. Duh.

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