Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I came across this issue of LIFE Magazine while I was going through a few things in the cedar chest. It's dated December 27, 1968. So I was 14 when this was published- a special two-in-one issue for 60 Cents. Boy, do I feel old...

 I was already pretty sure what I liked. I was planning on studying art, and my parents were supportive of that. I know we didn't subscribe to LIFE, but a neighbor must have, and I'm sure my mom thought I'd like to read this issue. And I've kept it all these years, along with another double issue about the Bible. It's also filled with artwork. (It's from 1964, and it only cost 50cents!)

As much as I loved seeing the art and reading about the artist, now it's the advertising I find so interesting! This one's a fold-out ad for Campbells Soup... 

...But once folded out, the copy promoting the bowls calls them "Pop Art Bowls". Guess Andy had already made his soup can paintings by then!

And I love this ad promoting sugar as a way to control your appetite!

Here's another ad that was a sign of the times...

And check out this one for a Singer Sewing Machine contest...Love her outfit!

Oh, an ice cream truck is just driving by! The perfect soundtrack for my little trip down Memory Lane!

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. I love the Campbell's soup adds. What a gorgeous doll. I have a magazine printed on the day I was born which is always fun to look at. some things never change, but some sure do!

  2. These ads are amazing! And I love the Picasso cover. I think my favorite ad is the one about sugar helping to "turn down" your "apestat." If only that were true!

  3. Yeah, advertising is a certain kind of record from the past that is sometimes more telling than art, literature, journalism, or compiled history. I think maybe cause the advertising wasn't planning on being judged in the future like those other mediums. It was all about the present. Who knows, but there's something very intriguing about it.

    I love old stuff!

  4. Love the magazine art - my how times have changed! I'm still kicking myself for NOT remembering your garage sale - it looked so, so GREAT! On the other hand, my house needs no more stuff and I'd be much poorer!! I loved your pillowcases - so cute - thanks so much for coming and talking it up with me - I always feel like I've got my hand out - which I do - but this time it's for a really, really good cause! I'm out of town till the 7th so I'll call you then to talk about the 11th. Thanks so much - you're a good friend!!! xo, Nan