Monday, August 16, 2010

For Sale

(Happy Anniversary Kate!
Hope you don't mind that I parted with your reception centerpieces on your 7th anniversary!)

It's been quite a summer. As you may have noticed, my posts have been few and far between! Life has been BUSY!

One of this summer's accomplishments was holding a garage sale with my sister last weekend. Friday & Saturday, hot weather, a sore knee, fun visiting with sis and the shoppers, but too much work!! Next time, we'll just box everything up and donate it to charity (and take the tax write off!).

My work is on the school schedule, so summer is when I  try to get caught up on all the things I don't get done when I'm teaching. And I try to get creative too.  But with moving and remodeling, I haven't had time for either! (Does changing my mind THREE times about paint color for an accent wall in the family room, after the wall was painted, count as creative, or just silly? I know creativity is often not a straight line, but really....and I won't tell you about the other rooms that got more than two coats of paint 'cuz I changed my mind..)
And can I just say it's hard to part with STUFF when you can ALWAYS come up with a creative use for whatever it is you're saving??

I even had a hard time parting with the old many memoires of family dinners, when one of the kids would ask a casual question that needed an answer. I'd grab a volume, and we'd read what the World Book had to say... (now when we're together, someone just grabs their phone and we Google it.)

And even if I never used these gilded books as a reference again, I considered keeping them to use the pages in some art piece. (There is an artist whose name I can't remember who glues the books together and then carves piece I recall was an encyclopedia carved into the Grand Canyon, with all of the pages looking like the layers of rock...very beautiful and yet disturbing on a certain level too.)

But a friend who doesn't have a computer was glad to take the set off my hands, and my price of FREE made us both very happy!

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. You got rid of my wedding reception mini-vases??!!! On my anniversary?!!!! But I wanted them to keep clogging up your storage!

    Funny thing is, Jed and I recently went through all of our storage and found an entire box of those as well. We opted to hang onto them just a little longer...just so we can look at them in another 7 years when we're cleaning out our storage ;-)

    Glad you were able to pass a lot of that stuff on. Hope you made some $$ too!

  2. Wow, what a sale. When I saw those World Books I just had to say we had a set also when I was growing up and that was a long time ago. I remember when I was a little girl and a girl friend told me that Santa wasn't real. I looked it up in the World Book and they have a great write up on Santa. I still believed in Santa after looking it up, because the article didn't say what my friend told me. Thanks for the memories. I hope you made some good money on your sale!!