Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chicken Scratch

I had to buy it....

I went thrifting (Value Village) for white plastic plates to use as pallets in my art classes. I found just what I needed... and then I found this tablecloth.

It's chicken scratch embroidery-usually done on gingham, but this is a heavier black and white check homespun-type of cloth. I love how the asterisk embroidery completely changes the look of the cloth so that it reads as different solids instead of checks.

It measures 65"x44".
All that handwork for less than $5. ... At least it's appreciated now that it has a new home!
Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. That table cloth did find a great home. I remember that our quilt bee did chicken scratch one year some years back. It changes the whole look. And, to have done swans on it!! Great find.

  2. I love it! I was there last week and came home with the 8 beautiful cut glass bowls, two green glass plates and 3 green glass votive holders...I'm having a St. Paddy's party for the YW so I needed a few more green things. And the odor was practically none existent when I was there - so I stayed for a long time and looked at everything in the place! Love VV!!

  3. what a beautiful embroidered cloth. xo