Monday, March 28, 2011

More March Q-Group

Marsha prepared a most delicious luncheon for us, complete with mini blackboarded flower pots for place cards. Paninis, a fabulous salad with a cinnamon spiced dressing, and chocolate souffles for dessert!! (No photos of the food- we were too busy raving about it in between bites!!)

Terry may be the most detail oriented of our group, and she's a wonderful long arm quilter too.
Check out the cute carrots quilted in her Aunt Gracie Easter quilt....

All needle turn appliqued, then blanket stitched by hand as well.

This photo Denise's quilt doesn't do it justice- I didn't notice I was catching it back-lit!!

Denise also shared her cute yo-you embellished sweater...

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Love seeing all your quilt group photos! I've said it have one fun, talented group ;-)

  2. Seeing those quilts just makes me so sorry I had to miss our meeting! I loved every one of them - especially Barbara's Easter quilt! Amazing! Thanks for posting the pics!!