Thursday, April 7, 2011

Infinite Variety Continues...

I wish you could have been there! Joanna, the quilt's owner, hopes the show will "travel far and wide". If it does, don't miss it! A book/catalog is in the works as well, and I can tell you that I'm among those eagerly awaiting it's publication.

While Kate and I were looking at a redwork piece (detail above, whole quilt below), a man asked us about it. He had been involved in the rigging of the show, and had come back to see the quilts two days in a row. He wondered why this piece was so admired. I talked to him about the amount of work involved in hand stitching such a large and detailed piece. And I imagined a woman working on this for months or even years, after she had finished her work for the day of cooking, cleaning, and caring for a family.

We don't know the real story of this redwork- the piece isn't labeled. In fact most of the show is unlabeled and annonymous.

But I think we who stopped to admire this piece appreciated it for its beauty and rich and strange composition. And for what the careful stitching says about the desire to create beauty, and the patience to make it happen.

Make it a Wonderful Day!

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  1. WONDERFUL .. BEAUTIFUL .. AWESOME!!! And I am just seeing them on the screen.