Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One for American Hero

This is going to American Hero Quilts, quilts for the war wounded.

The blocks were made by our quilt group, (and from some of you- thank you!!) and we each took a group of them to put together.
The scrappy red border is made from leftover pieced strips from one of our American Hero Quilt Show raffle quilts from a few years ago. We made some red and white quilts, and I kept the leftover bits. (I knew I was hanging onto them for a reason!)

I don't want us to forget the ongoing costs and suffering of those hurt by war. But I also keep hoping Sue will let us know she doesn't need any more quilts- that peace has come.

Make it a Wonderful (and peaceful) Day!

1 comment:

  1. This American Hero quilt turned out beautifully! I love the block design (and feel bad I never did send you any), and the way they all look pieced together! I really like the scrappy red border and the larger outer border as well. I am sure it will bring comfort to the recipient.

    I was scrolling down to read some of your earlier posts....I love the quilt you made your daughter! How clever to use items from her reception. Those colors are so pretty...her reception must have been fabulous!