Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Club Collage

We've been making collages in Art Club. 
We created a background first, using solid and patterned papers, along with scraps of painted paper saved from previous projects. These are on matboard, bought from a frame shop. (You might find a shop to donate it, but I was able to purchase the scrap left from mat cutting.) We applied glue cut with 50%  water using sponge brushes, coating the papers to make sure we got all the edges attached.

 We then layered smaller cut outs from magazines and old books, and more little goodies.We also used candy wrappers, die cut scrap, and images from a stock artwork book I bought at a thrift store. (Value Village)

We gave thought to our compositions, deciding on themes and where everything goes....

I have been saving a LOT of  STUFF for a few years.... Good thing I've had room in my garage for it...
We only made a dent in all of it!

 We gave each a final coat with Mod Podge to seal them and give them a bit of shine.

Make it a Wonderful Day!

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  1. I love collages. I made so many of them when I was in high school. It really helped me express myself.