Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sew Day for American Hero Quilts

Our quilt group hosted a Sew Day for American Hero Quilts. We wish the 10,000 quilts already given to injured military were enough. But more quilts are needed. (Isn't war a really bad idea? Don't you wish we solved our differences peacefully?) 

We met at the Happy Valley Grange after a flood at the church building meant carpet and floor replacement.  Thank You Grange, for helping us out at the last minute!!!

We brought some blocks...
And lots of fabric too...

... and then we got to work!

 Non-sewers helped with ironing and cutting. I think we had 21 of us working at whatever needed to be done.

We loved the doctor's office lamp Marsha brought with her! :D

 We layed out our quilts on the design floor...

This happy quilt includes the blocks Debbie from Tennessee mailed to me! THANK YOU Debbie!!!

We had a great time sharing a meal and working together. It's a lot of work to haul everything someplace to sew as a group, but we all agreed it was a WONDERFUL day!!

I'll post again when we have all the tops completed.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Those are some awesome quilts!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of quilting for a great cause.

    1. Thanks Rene! I know you sew for a cause too!!:D

    2. What quilt pattern was used for the top strippy quilt?

    3. Hi. We didn't have a pattern. It's just alternating red and white 2 1/2 inch strips cut the width of the fabric. Before adding the next strip, a star, fussy cut from the same fabric used in the wide border, was added. Super simple!

  2. These are works of art. Yes, I do realize that you ladies worked really hard, but they are really beautiful. What a great service! I'm so glad my sister, Barbara Moulton, reminded me to look at them on your blog. What a great thing to do for the month of Memorial Day!

  3. What a GREAT way to spend the day! Your quilts are all wonderful!

  4. Wish I could have been there to help sew, the quilts look awesome. I makes me so happy to think my blocks will keep a soldier warm and cozy! Debbie

  5. I love the quilts and the wide variety of sewing machines used to make them. I've been looking at old posts and saw that you were using a Singer slant needle (guessing a 400-600 model based on the color without seeing the face) to make the circles back in 2009. That is so cool! Do you still use it and what number is the model? I use a Singer Featherweight or it's big sister, the 301a.