Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cards and Tags

 I'm teaching a little class for adults today- cards and tags from scraps.
The Joy card or tag is a stamp carved from an eraser. I love making those!

 This one is sparkly, but it looks sorta plain in the photo. The white part is covered in sparkle glue, the star is metallic ink, and the center is a little jewel. Hmmm. Maybe we'll come up with something else.

 I made this tag using the same glue/foil/shoe polish technique I used with my Art Club for our owl artwork.

I have a couple more but no photos of them.The class is one hour (taught three times, back to back). I wonder if we'll get them all done! Will let you know how it goes...

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. These are cute! Love hand made cards and tags. They make recipient feel so special.

  2. LOVE the foiled letter tag! found your blog searching for crafts using tin foil - new follower.