Friday, November 2, 2012

Quilt Group Friday in October

The Red Cross Quilt above seems appropriate to start with, though Helen didn't design this with Hurricane Sandy in mind. Helen's quilt is beautifully hand quilted.

(The devastation in the Eastern US is beyond belief. We can't imagine the scale of  loss, and our prayers are with all those who have suffered loss of loved ones and a place to call home.)

You may remember this one I was working on- I've now added the skinny black border and then the scrappy piano key border too. 

 We loved Terry's wool Halloween piece. She's so good with all of the details!

She also brought some little books she made- the pages are paper bags!

 Here's another one by Helen- hand quilted sweetness- with just a tiny touch of black in the tiny inner border.

 This queen-sized circle quilt is by Marsha- a wedding gift for one of her daughters. We still can't get enough of circles!

Kareena brought her finished koala bear baby quilt...for her first grandson.

I think I missed a couple, but that's all my photos this time. We had a yummy lunch- I was too busy eating to document it! :D

Make it a Wonderful Day- maybe for someone in need.

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  1. You are all so talented! I love your quilt! Have a great weekend!