Friday, February 15, 2013

Robot Tint Paintings

We had a good time creating our "Tintbots" with acrylics on canvas paper. 

 These were inspired by art teacher John Post. You can find his robots and lots more ideas here

We talked about using separate shapes for the parts and joints so the robot could move. (I brought in a jointed wooden figure to help get this idea across. I didn't have a robot to bring in...)


We painted our robots first because I wasn't sure we'd have enough time to do the backgrounds. I'd do the backgrounds first if I were to do this again-a more correct painting procedure, making the robot clearly in the foreground. We also thought about our choice of brushes- large flats for big areas, small rounds for tighter spots.

Each artist mixed their own medium gray for the robot shapes, and then the lighter and darker grays for highlights and shadows.

Then it was on to the background. Students chose a color and then mixed the tint.

We added details and a border with Sharpie.

I love it when I'm at my schools when classes walk by our artwork- the kids are always so interested in what we have on display, and the teachers are complimentary too. I can tell my Art Club artists how much their artwork is enjoyed, and they love that!

 Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Oh, good idea! I have to come up with something for Art Club next week and this might just be the thing. jan

  2. Wow these are so awesome! I'm reading my class The Iron Man and was looking for a cool idea for some related artwork. Looks like I've found it! Thanks!!!