Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bugs and Bowties

 This one's been around for a while, maybe 10 years. A pieced top and back, just hanging out with all my other unfinished quilt tops.  I finally finished it this summer.

(Bugs and Bowties, 59"x59")
 Yes, those are bugs. I thought the fabric was weird, and that's why I liked it... a strange green color and bugs. I don't remember where I bought it or who designed it, but I'm sure it was on sale. (Hmm, I wonder why..) :D


The back is black and deli-mustard yellow. Brighter than the photo makes it appear. More like cheddar cheese. Why did I pick cheddar? If you look closely, there's a bit of the yellow-orange in the print, along with the red. Iknow, I know, it's kinda strange.

My friend Terry did the long arm quilting.Big meandering for a flexible, soft, quilt.

Perfect for a picnic.

Make it a wonderful day!

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