Monday, September 30, 2013

Freestyle Paintings

I loved how these turned out. And they were so much fun too.

I hate wasting paint, but with kids and acrylics, it's hard to avoid too much paint on their pallets. 
So we have to come up with ways to use the leftovers.  In the past, we've painted a thrifted Beethoven bust, a chair, and thrifted stretched canvas. 

The rules: No new paint. Only leftover paint and geometric shapes.

I gessoed the boards first. (We painted on cardboard scavenged from one of my school's recycling. These are 22 1/2x 28 1/2- the boxes that were used to ship railroad board.)

I started each with a shape in a corner- part of a circle or a rectangle, etc. and asked the artists to build on that. As they finished painting their paper mache, they could come work on the group paintings, adding shapes, layering colors and patterns.
Once the paintings were complete- once we'd used up all the leftover paint, I added the black-with-white or white-with-black outlining of their colorful shapes.

Right now, these are hung up on my bulletin board space, holding the spot for a few weeks until we have newArt Club work from this fall to replace them.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. These paintings are so fun!!! I am sure your students had a blast using up the leftover paint. Great idea.

  2. They turned out so great!!! How clever and resourceful of you...another winner!

  3. YESSSSS! These make me all kinds of happy!!

  4. What a great idea. I really like the black and white outlining. Brilliant.

  5. From Spain, fantastics works!!