Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quick Moss Wreath

We've had a plain twig wreath on our front porch for a while, so I thought I'd give it an update for St. Patrick's Day and Spring. I may add some flowers to it for Easter too.

 The moss was used in a beautiful "woodland themed" wedding reception designed by my daughter-in law Dea, and I've been saving it for a couple of years. She was going to throw it away, but she asked me if I wanted it…of course I said yes! The rusty wire is from I don't know where. (I love that when anyone is getting rid of some artsy/crafty supplies, they ask me if I want them. Usually, I say yes. So thank you to whoever gave me the wire.) You can purchase wire and moss at craft or floral shops if you don't have leftovers like I did.

I set clumps of the moss on the front of the wreath, wrapping the wire around. Cover small areas at a time and secure with wire as you go. (I didn't cut the wire, just left in on the paddle. It made it very easy to manage.) The wire  disappeared into the moss.

Some of the moss is brighter green than the rest, so if you make a moss wreath, mix up the clumps so you have an even distribution of color.  I'll remember to do that…next time.

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So this last photo is of our front lawn, if you can call it that.  We live in the Pacific Northwest, with lots of evergreen trees. Over the years, we've taken out the lawn in our backyard and in the most of the front yard. But I wanted some open area to play on with the grands. We're not into using chemicals to fight the moss, so this is the result. Any ideas? I think the best option is to love the moss… and the dandelions that will join the moss in a few weeks.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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