Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bird Tag

I like to cut and paste. I think it reminds me of the fun I had as a child using scissors and construction paper and white paste. I don't think kids do that much any more. I see that many of my students have poor cutting skills. (But they are much more skilled on the computer than I am, that's for sure!)

This wedding shower gift is a cute colander filled with a variety of kitchen items- a small microplane, some cloth napkins, a jarred candle, etc. (It's so easy to spend a lot more on little items than I mean to! But it's so fun to put gift baskets together, so I keep doing it…)

The bird tag was very loosely inspired by the colors and fabrics of the napkins. I free-hand cut out all the shapes in the interest of time, but I also think it helps keep the design more spontaneous. The size of the bird determined the size of the card, so that's what I mean by spontaneous. I avoid measuring whenever possible…I have a crate of file folders with scrap card stock sorted by color, just for making tags and cards like this one. 

(My organized hoard of supplies come in handy!)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Great idea for a gift. I love that bird tag. Your creativity flows from one thing to the next. You have inspired me! Thank you!

  2. Ack. I thought I had already commented on this. (i.e. I don't know how to use my ipod for this stuff yet.) I love this card!!!!