Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Very Special Quilt

No, I didn't make this. But some very wonderful women made it for me and for my son, Ryan.

Ryan serves as a 1st Lieutenant, US Army, now deployed in Afghanistan. I'm not a military person to say the least. I can't understand how we humans have been on the planet this long and haven't figured out how to get along. But there you have it. Ryan chose this path to serve his country, and I love his desire to do good in the world. He explained to me that he isn't in the fight because he's angry at the world, mad at the bad guys, etc. He loves peace, and wants others to have a chance at that. Who am I to argue with peace?

Anyway, it's not easy having a loved one in harm's way, regardless of their motives. So my quilt group could see I was sad about this (did the tears give me away?), so they took it upon themselves to make me a quilt.

We've made many a quilt for American Hero Quilts. These are given to the returning wounded soldiers. It's a small way to remember that war is suffering that doesn't go away. I think it's important for the costs of war to be on our hearts and minds, and stitching a quilt is one way to let someone who is suffering know they are not forgotten.

Ryan has not been injured, and I hope and pray that he and the soldiers with him remain safe. But my quilting friends wanted to honor Ryan's service, and they knew a quilt was a good way to express their love and support to our family. And when Ryan comes home, the quilt can be his. For now, it's mine.


  1. Lovely! Yes, stay safe, come home, be happy.

  2. Such a lovely post Stephanie! The quilt is beautiful! I admire Ryan's choice and courage. Hope he is safe out there. Hugs to you.

    1. Sujata, It's hard, but I know Ryan will make the most of a difficult situation! And I feel the love of family and friends when I see this quilt...