Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quick Heart Cards

Here's a very quick card, just in time for Valentine's Day. You can make two at a time- one for your Valentine, and one for your other Valentine.  It plays with the idea of positive and negative space. 
But only positive thoughts of love, right? 

 You'll need: One piece of pink card stock(8 1/2x11-inches) cut in half, one 4x5-inch red card stock, scissors, gluestick, metallic silver ink pen. (I used a Silver Sharpie)

 Fold each of the pink halves in half to make the two cards. Fold the red piece in half the LONG way.

 Cut out half a heart, keeping the fold to the center and cutting through both layers.

Open up your heart, keeping both the heart and the outside piece.

Cut each of those in half.

For each card, glue half of the positive and half of the negative shapes to the pink cards. Add dots with the silver pen.

You can add a row of dots to the inside edge of the card if you'd like.

 Happy Valentine's Day!


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