Monday, February 24, 2014

Russian Thrifting and Other Finds

We really enjoyed watching the Olympics. Did you find yourself leaning with the downhill skiers and swaying with the speed skaters? Or holding your breath when the ice skaters did their jumps? (For me, watching the mogul skiers just made my knees scream with empathy.)

A few months ago, I came across these Matryoska while browsing at a thrift store. (Value Village) Someone must have been getting rid of their whole collection. (During the Olympics, they had a short segment on how these are carved on a lathe and then hand painted. Very fun to watch.)

I passed on a few that were in poor condition, but brought these home with me. They aren't all complete, but I don't think my grands will mind that. Now if I can just get them to come visit…It's not easy having them live so far away. :(

Oh, and here's another little piece I've had for years, also thrifted. (Value Village) 

It's a hinged box that holds doll house furnishings currently. But in the past I've used in to hold embroidery thread and other sewing notions.

This large dollhouse was a fabulous thrifted find! (Also from Value Village) 

Made by Ryan's Room, it was marked $15- and I got a discount on top of that, so I could not pass it up. I might let the grands paint it the next time they visit, just for fun. Yes, I like it the way it is, but wouldn't they have fun painting it however they wanted?? (I just found the same selling online for $159! Wow, I really did get a GREAT deal on this! Maybe I won't have the grands paint it after all…) 

The cool wooden dolls were not thrifted. I paid full price for them over at Land of Nod. I know. Not cheap. But I love them and rationalized that the grands would love them too. (I saw a couple of negative reviews for these having to do with quality, but our set is just great- no problems at all.)

 Have a wonderful day!

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  1. That was my favorite store. I still miss it! You got some good finds there!