Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Max Grover: Hunter, Gatherer, Painter

This summer, we took a day trip to Bainbridge Island, and it included a visit to the 

                                                   Stellar Robot (acrylic and collage, 2014)
 We didn't know anything about the small museum, but we're glad we visited! Admission is free, and the art was great. Of the several shows on display, Max Grover: Hunter, Gatherer, Painter, was a favorite.

                                                  Cinema (acrylic and collage, 2014)
 The show was built around the artist's wonderful collections that inspired his work. Somehow, I didn't photograph any of the collections! But they were as varied as tiny robot toys, wedding cake toppers, and other really cool stuff. His collage and acrylic work inspired me. Maybe some artwork based on my own collections in the future?

                                                       Equal (acrylic and collage, 2014)

                                                 Royal Winter (acrylic and collage, 2014)

And a few more….

I came home and ordered a book he wrote and illustrated:  The Accidental Zucchini, An Unexpected Alphabet. It includes things like a "Vegetable Volcano" and Octopus Overalls', and an "Ice cream Island".  Whimsy that made me smile. Can't wait to share the book with my grands.

Make it a Wonderful Day!

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