Thursday, October 30, 2014

Patterned Lego Guy and Big Book Mark

This was a fun end-of-the-year project from Art Club last year. I needed a project that would be easy for a sub to do because I wasn't sure I'd be there for the last couple of weeks. My daughter was having twins, so we didn't know when I might have to head out to help with the new babies.

As it turned out, I was able to finish up my classes before the babies arrived. (Hard to believe they are almost 5 months old already!)

Artists chose either the lego figure or a narrow strip (3x11 inches) for their design. I supplied a sample sheet of about 12 pattern ideas, but they were encouraged to come up with their own. I had the artists draw light curved or straight lines to divide the space and then fill the spaces with patterns.

We used black fine-tipped pens and added some colored pencil. The smaller paper kept the careful pattern work from being too overwhelming to young artists. But many chose the lego figure knowing it would take more time to complete.

Doodling and pattern making are a great way to explore line, and Art Club artists found it relaxing too. So did I! (I found the Lego guy here.)


  1. Lego man is such an inspired subject. I'll keep it in mind for some older students too.


  2. I bet they loved doing this one. Kids love those Legos. jan

  3. Hey, Stephanie.....I posted a link to this lesson over on my sub lesson plan blog. jan

    1. Thanks! The simple supplies make this an easy one for anyone to manage.

  4. the stephanie painting is beautiful, an inspiration for my tree paintings :-)