Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few more from Hawaii...

Here are a few more Hawaiian applique quilts...

This is a large quilt, I think full bed size...

Love all that hand quilting!


  1. I love the green flowers! So pretty.

    I keep looking at your circle quilt tutorial. Think I've got the fabrics for it, the ones I got last week. Really can't start another one yet can I? I still have two to quilt and someone is desperate for one of them. Oh the temptations in life!

  2. Wow. Those are gorgeous. Can't imagine how long all that hand quilting would take!

  3. I think it's okay to just squeeze the circle quilt in! Do it like a quilt along- give yourself one week to cut, one week to applique the circles,etc. Or give yourself two weeks for each step- whatever, just stick to your plan! You'll be done with it in no time at all!! ;-D

  4. Pretty darn amazing. Love the traditional hawaiian quilts.