Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Work

On a visit with my grandgirls, I was doing some redwork for a baby quilt, so I thought they might like to give it a try. They were eager to learn, and I thought that at ages 4 and 6, they did a great job, patiently poking the needle through the cloth to get the stitch in just the right spot.

They each made a little pillow...
...while I worked on these squares... make this.

Our quilt group held a charity show last spring, and this was one of the raffle quilts. We made a large stacked coins quilt to give away, and the leftovers made great sashing for this baby quilt. I drew the pictures on the white cloth with pencil, and my friend Nan and I embroidered them. I love using up every little bit!


  1. How wonderful to get your granddaughters involved! I really like the owl, where did you get the pattern?

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Everything looks perfect. And how nice to be able to teach and work with your granddaughters? I loved (and still do) spending time like that with my grandmothers.