Sunday, September 6, 2009

IBOL Super Sauce

The Iraqi Bundles of Love guy asked us to have a celebration! I couldn't pass up a reason for ice cream!! (Like I EVER NEED a reason...)
I mailed my second bundle of fabric and yarn-hope yours is mailed or will be by Tuesday! Then have your own celebration with Maj. La Flamme's IBOL Super Sauce:

I couldn't wait for the sauce, so my sundae was Triple Caramel Chunk, served in a cute striped thrifted bowl. (Okay, I admit it, I ate the whole thing...)


  1. What you lack in spoon size, you made up with in ice cream selection. Triple Caramel Chunk? Wow -- excellent choice!

  2. Good for you, you deserved it. Just hope you didn't feel ill afterwards!

  3. Don't feel alone - I always eat the whole thing too. ;o)