Monday, January 4, 2010

American Hero Quilts Sew Day

I'm a World Peace kind of girl. I'm for making friends. I'm for caring about those who are suffering. I know you care about these things too!! So here is a chance for you quilters to let people who are suffering know they aren't forgotten. Those who have been injured in war face a lifetime of recovery. We can wrap them in a little love to make that journey a little easier, and at the same time keep in all of our minds the true price of war.

Go to to read about our Sew Day on Tuesday, January 12th. We're helping American Hero Quilts with quilts for the wounded who serve our country. The stories of how much these quilts mean touch all of us who have heard them. You don't need to make a whole quilt! (Unless you want to!!) Some fabric. A star block. Whatever you can do.

Thanks in advance for helping out!!

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