Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Hero Quilts Sew Day

Tuesday was a busy day! Our quilt group hosted a sew day for American Hero Quilts. We made 8 quilt tops, and will have at least two more done by Friday.

A few friends who could not be there made some blocks for us- 9 Patch and various stars. And we had lots of donated fabric too. Thanks everyone!!

We had sewers who brought their machines..

... And the floor was our design "wall".

Rail Fence is an easy layout, but we had the hardest time getting it laid out correctly, as you can see in this photo!

Some friends who don't sew volunteered to iron the whole day!

We kept them simple, with stars mixed in with 9-inch 9Patch and 1-Patch blocks too.
Scrappy all the way!

I didn't get photos of all the quilts or of all of the great women who helped. Some could stay for only a little while, but with everyone helping, we got them done! We had a fun day making these. And the letters from the wounded veterans to American Hero Quilts let us know it was a day well spent.
(But won't it be nice when we don't have to make quilts like this any more... )
Make it a wonderful (and peaceful!) day!


  1. They are all beautiful. Who doesn't love Red White and Blue.

  2. Beautifully done!!! I love how you had volunteers who did not sew come to do the ironing! How awesome! Your group did a great job. Wow, so many quilts.

  3. I'm always inspired when people come together for a good cause regardless of their political views and regardless of their skill set. I'm close to misty-eyed reading this post. Love you, Mom.

  4. What a great project. I bet you had fun working on the quilt tops as a group. Then to have someone iron for you all day. What a treat! Your quilts are beautiful. I like that scrappy look!!