Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Teasel

Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. When I was making little flower faeries, I needed one of these teasels. I kept my eyes peeled along fences and finally spotted some, along the highway. I drove past them every day, until one day my DH was with me and stayed with the car while I "picked" some. I was obsessed! They were all I could think about it! And then? I never did anything with them. I finally put them out of my mind, so much that I forgot their names and had to google them to look them up. Aren't they the coolest things EVER, Stephanie?

  2. This picture brings back lots of childhood memories. We called them thistles and I always liked them because of their incredible texture. But they were weeds growing in the pasture and not desirable. Recently while cleaning the garage I threw some away that I'd saved for who knows how long - so your picture brings me pleasure.

  3. Oh these are gorgeous. I just love the textures of thistle. So beautiful! You call them teasel? Interesting. I'll have to look that up. Thanks for sharing the link with me. jan