Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Bob and a Buck...

This is who we saw when we looked out the window the other evening...

I grabbed my camera, and quietly opened the front door,

And then followed him a bit down the drive way...

...and watched as he headed up to the field off to the side of the barn.

This morning, we had a another visitor.

(There's also a rabbit among the roses.)

Now Buck's headed off to the orchard...

We move back home soon. We'll miss our visitors!

Make it a Wonderful Day! 


  1. Holy cow... Where are you? Don't need to know just a comment. (grin) Woodsy place with critters for sure. A bob cat. I'd run like crazy not chase the darn thing. hehe

  2. We had a mother deer and two babies in our yard this morning. And the bunnies seem to be multiplying! But you had the scariest with the bobcat!

  3. That's amazing! The most exciting thing we ever see out our window is a cat. I LOVE your barn!! I've always had a thing for red barns.

  4. Beautiful setting to have those visitors!