Friday, June 4, 2010

May Quilt Group

Here are a few beauties shared this past month at our quilt group...Nan could have had the whole show and tell herself!!  Love the French fabrics in this first one...

This sweet cross-stitched one is a yard sale find. Nan may take it apart and rework it, but we all were sad to think of the work that went into this and that it was no longer wanted, but we're glad it found a new home!

Every meeting of our group MUST include some circles. I think it's written in our "rules".

Nan loved Helen't circle bag so much, she made her own version in orange and lime. I love the little ruffle.

Nan's been finishing up a few projects that have been hanging around for a while...

This table runner is now complete, well in advance of Christmas this year!!

Nan bought this at a yard sale, then decided it wasn't going to find a place at her house...
It's an unframed needlepoint with a Chinese theme..

If you'd like it, it's yours!!

Oh, and these are some of the blocks for Dawn's Play for Pink Quilt. Each year, our group helps Dawn by making blocks for a Breast Cancer Quilt to be auctioned. This year, the block is a log cabin, and as we say, all pinks go together....

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. I would love that needlepoint!!! Can ! please have it?
    I love all the finds you have posted today!

  2. Cute Christmas table runner. What pattern did you use or is it your own design?