Monday, June 14, 2010

Helen's Soft Books and Barbara's Circles

These soft books were made by Helen, and she shared them with us at our last quilt group meeting.
She started with a pattern, but I didn't get the information... will try to do that!

I think she'll have to host a sew day so we can all make some of these!

Barbara made this sweet circle quilt, and added a wonderful label too.

Make it... A Wonderful Day!


  1. I love those little soft books. My grandson would love them also. I bet you wouldn't really need a pattern to make one.

    I absolutely love that circle quilt. I just have to make some of those. I just got the fabric for one Friday. Not exactly like that one, but none the less, a circle quilt.

    Have a great week! Karen

  2. What wonderful fabrics. Do y'all just buy that at the regular old fabric store or do you special order it someplace? jan

  3. Jan- Most of us buy fabrics at quilt shops, and sometimes from online places too. There are so many great fabric designers, but I like to mix up my fabrics for a scrappier look. (And if it's on sale, that helps too!)