Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everybody Paints!

(Art Club Painting, grades 1-6)

So what do you do with leftover paint?

We were already working on two paintings- our Impressionist-inspired Farmer's Market Paintings and our We Heart Art Hearts...

...but there was still paint on our palettes!

So.... we had a great time free painting on a couple of thrifted (Value Village) canvases. The 16x20-inch canvases had a pattern that someone had painted in green craft paint, but we just ignored that and went to work...

The rule was that we weren't making a painting of anything, just having fun with color and moving paint around. (But  in the photo of the whole paintings,do you see the Christmas tree one of my artists slipped in?)

Oh, and the other rule was no new paint, only paint left on palettes. I had the canvas on a round table, so several artists worked on it at one time from all directions. I loved the fun we had with these, and I love the results! 

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. What a colorful result, and pretty too! I'm constantly amazed at how creative kids can be, when they are just set free. Great job!

  2. This post it pouring out happiness!