Monday, March 26, 2012

Pencil Portraits

 I brought in a stack of magazine photos, and a few students brought photos from home. We did a couple step-by step practice drawings for those who needed a bit more instruction, but most students worked directly from the photos. We also made value scales, noting where the darks and lights were in our source material.

The portrait below is special. I have a student who was born with a cleft palette. She brought in a picture of herself when she was a baby, before her surgery, to use as her source photo. I thought it was unintentionally symbolic that her mouth was the only part of the drawing to be shaded so darkly.

Such talented artists! I'm so happy I get to be their teacher. I'll sure miss those who will be moving on to middle school next year.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Your pencil portraits look wonderful. My fourth and fifth graders are finishing up their portraits this week and I can't wait to post them. I am amazed how much my students are enjoying drawing pencil portraits because it was very challenging for most of them.
    What's next?

    1. Portraits are challenging! When I think that some of my students are really just learning to write, I find their drawings amazing!

      Right now we're working on paper mache. I'll spend time over spring break spraying them with clear varnish. Lots of work, but the kids LOVE paper mache!! :D

  2. what a wonderful post with all these very interesting portraits...these kids are wonderful and have touched my heart also

    - KAT -

  3. oh my gosh!
    they are all magical.
    thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. Your students are amazing - I love this latest batch of artwork - I could easily see some of them framed and hanging in my family room! I think I finally figured out how to comment again, the settings on my blog were skewed - so thanks for that hint!