Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Few More from Art Club

Here are a few more from our drawing unit. This one is colored pencil.

And so is Bugs Bunny. (This student is so fast, literally drawing this in less than 10 minutes. The shading didn't take him much longer than that! His mom says he's been serious about drawing since he was three!)

Markers were used for this puppy with flowers.

This squirrel in pen only, was done by a sixth grade boy. I love it.

We've moved on to our next project, but I may HAVE to show you some more of their drawings- I think they are wonderful!!


  1. thanks for posting! These are really fun to see!

  2. Such talent. I like each one for it's own reason

  3. Clever kids! My eldest daughter would love to be able to draw a penguin like that. It's her favourite animal. She has a collection of them. There is nothing like being able to draw.

  4. Oh those drawings are wonderful. Thanks for showing them.